Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #150: Let’s Get Wild

Guest host Dianne Millard of Rambling Ranger has asked us to get wild for this challenge. On her blog she says “I’m talking about Mother Nature untouched and untrammeled, allowed to get on with her work without human help or hindrance.” Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska meets all of those criteria. It’s the wildest place I’ve ever been.

The landscapes in Denali are breathtaking whether seen from land or from the air.

Wildflowers growing in the middle of the riverbed
Denali Wilderness, Alaska
View from overlook on Denali Park Road
Morning walk near our campsite
Mt. Denali
The high round snow covered peak is the south peak of Mt. McKinley
Flying over a glacier in Alaska

We were always looking out for wildlife. Except for a couple of moose, most of the wildlife was too far from us to get a good close up picture.

Dall Sheep in Denali National Park, Alaska
Moose in the Denali Wilderness
Grizzly Bear in Denali National Park, Alaska
Caribou grazing in Denali National Park

Many thanks to guest host Dianne Millard for the challenge. Please be sure to visit her post at Lens-Artists Challenge #150: Let’s Get Wild

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #150: Let’s Get Wild

  1. Beautifully wild Beth – loved the moose grazing with the little white flowers especially. Looks like you were much more fortunate with the weather and the mountain vistas. After our first night we never saw it again!

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    1. Tina, thank you! We were in the park about 4 days and never saw Mt. Denali from inside the park. We saw it from overlooks on the highway after we left the park. The photo in this post was from our flight seeing trip from Talkeetna.


    1. Pam, a friend of mine has a daughter in Anchorage. She said the Sam thing about car rentals. We had our second Alaska cruise cancelled so we have decided to go somewhere else next year. I still want to return to Alaska one day.

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      1. It’s crazy. I don’t know where we’ll go on vacation. Now that we’re ready, it’s too busy! Maybe we’ll go somewhere in Fall. We had wanted to visit Iceland to see the volcano, but there would be too much to deal with at this point in time. Guess we need a local Florida road trip!

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  2. Fabulous captures! They all get a Wowza from me! The moose and wildflowers and that greeeeeeen landscape! Amazing!
    Alaska is gorgeous and you brought back wonderful memories for me. Thank you! Enjoy your Sunday, Beth.

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    1. Thanks Nancy! I’ve been wanting to return to Alaska ever since we got back and going through those photos made me want to go even more. We were supposed to be on a cruise to Alaska in July but, oh well. It’s not happening.

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