Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #154: One Photo Two Ways

Tina’s challenge this week is to show the same subject but captured using multiple, different approaches. I chose to include three different images each of which was edited in different ways.

In honor America’s Independence day, the first image I selected is of the Tybee Island Lighthouse flying a giant American Flag. The finished image is at the top of this page. Below are the before and after images. The original photo needed a little cropping to remove the corner of a roof in the bottom right hand corner. I liked the way it looked after cropping but then took an extra step to add a little drama by removing all of the colors except for the red, white and blue of the American Flag.

My second image is an orange zinnia. To me, the background in the original image on the left distracts from the detail of the center of the flower. The cropped image focuses on the deatils.

My final images are of animals in the savanna at The Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World. The image on the left is the original photo which shows a chain link fence and a building behind the giraffe indicating it wasn’t taken in a wild place. It also shows three other animals in front of the giraffe. The image on the right was cropped to only show the giraffe’s face and neck with trees in the background.

Many thanks to Tina for the challenge. Please be sure to visit her post at Lens-Artists Challenge #154: One Photo Two Ways

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  1. You are an inspiration to me. Your photography skills, editing, and organizing all put me in awe. I wish we lived closer because not only could we enjoy some good conversation, but I’d definitely come away with some learning opportunities. Happy 4th!

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