Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #181 – Double Dipping

Tina is hosting this photo challenge and she is “suggesting that in addition to our challenge you explore and link to some of the other creative opportunities our friends and fellow challengers make available in the WP blogosphere or any other sites where you post photos.” Many thanks to Tina for encouraging us to participate in other challenges. Be sure to visit Tina’s original post Lens’Artists #181: Double Dipping

All the photos in this post were taken this week near where I live. The caption of each photo contains a link to the original challenge.

The Hibiscus (above) and Camellias (below) are blooming where I live.

January Camelia Cee’s Flower of the Day

For John’s Cellpic Sunday the only requirement is to include a photo taken with a cell phone, IPad or other mobile device. The next image was taken on an early morning walk with my IPhone 7S and then cropped and edited on my computer.

John’s Cellpic Sunday

Natalie wants to know how our week has been. My week as been filled with preparing for a trip and getting out to take a picture a day for nine days in a row. Maybe this is the year I’ll reach the goal of taking a picture a day for 365 days. This shrimp boat is one of my favorites from the week.

Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share

Terri’s Sunday Stills challenge topic is “The Future is Ours”. A flower bud’s future is to become a flower. We humans don’t know what our future will bring. I posted more about that in Every day is a gift.

Terri’s Sunday Stills The Future is Ours.

Many thanks to Tina, Cee, John, Natalie, and Terri for the inspiration for this post!

Wandering Dawgs will be taking a 2 – 3 week break.

33 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #181 – Double Dipping

  1. Isn’t it wonderful having the blooming flowers at this time of year? I do not miss the winters to the north. Nice collection of images for the various photo challenges. Perhaps, once I’m done with house projects, I’ll jump back into the photo challenges. Thanks for sharing all of them.

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  2. Beautiful flowers, Beth. The shrimp boat photo is my fave, too. Thank you for mentioning my Weekend Coffee Share link-up. Have a wonderful break and a safe trip!

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  3. Well done Beth – you’ve mentioned some challenges that are new to me so thanks for that! As always your images bring my own “neighborhood” very much to mind so of course the shrimp boats and marsh scene are my favorites this week!

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  4. Thanks for joining in on Cellpic Sunday! I like the landscape image you captured from your cell phone, but I really like the shrimp boat. I love boats of all kinds, but especially working boats.

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  5. Beautiful flowers! I thoroughly enjoy seeing flowers at this time of year. But what I don’t see here in the desert is a Shrimp Boat! Loved seeing yours!
    Happy Sunday!

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