Caribbean Islands Adventure 2022 – Part 3: St. Kitts

January 15, 2022

Welcome to the next edition of our Caribbean Islands Adventure.

Our daily routine aboard ship – wake up in the morning in a new port, eat three delicious meals, take a shore excursion, take a dip in one of the pools or relax in one of the many lounge areas, enjoy cocktail hour in the Explorer’s Lounge in the bow of the ship just a few steps from our stateroom, watch the ship sail out of the harbor, watch the sunset, sleep while the ship is cruising to our next port.

First View of St. Kitts as we prepare to dock in the capital city of Basseterre

St. Kitts is one of the two islands that make up the country of St. Kitts and Nevis. Our shore excursion of the day was a ride on the St. Kitts Scenic Railway.

Our tour began with a 12 mile bus ride through the capital and into the countryside before boarding the train. Our bus driver told us some history of the island and pointed out places of interest. The island’s number one industry used to be sugar cane. Today it is tourism.

Our tour started with a scenic drive to the scenic railway
Kalinago Rock Drawings, St. Kitts
Goats crossing the street in St. Kitts

The narrow gauge railway makes an 18 mile journey around St. Kitts. As we rode along in the open air second deck our guide pointed out interesting sights and we learned a little more about the island. The train passed through former sugar cane fields where the sugar cane still grows wild. In the villages, school children waved as we went by. The ride was bumpy with lots of turns and gorgeous views.

Waiting for passengers to board
St. Kitts Scenic Railway

Two young dancers played music and danced as we rode along.

Ruins from Sugar Cane Plantation, St. Kitts
St. Kitts Scenic Railway
Black Beach on St. Kitts

Back on board our ship, we were treated to another beautiful sunset. The crab cake appetizer at dinner was one of my favorite dishes of the entire trip.

Sunset leaving St. Kitts
Crab Cake Appetizer

Where will we go next? Stay tuned.

20 thoughts on “Caribbean Islands Adventure 2022 – Part 3: St. Kitts

  1. I’ve been traveling as well, but nothing far afield, so I am catching up on missed blogs. I am looking forward to backtracking in your blog and catching up on your cruise. We were scheduled to a similar itinerary in January, but with Omicron, we decided to roll our cruise into later this year. I will live vicariously through your visits to the same ports we planned to stop.

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  2. Beth, I am absolutely convinced that living on a cruise ship is in my future. I love the routine and waking up in a new port each day. Of course, having a stateroom attendant, a gym, interesting guest speakers, and three meals a day provided for me are also appealing. We flew into St. Kitts a few years ago but didn’t spend any time there. Our destination was neighboring Nevis, which we thoroughly enjoyed. That crab cake looks amazing.

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    1. Suzanne, I could easily live on a cruise ship! You forgot to mention the spa, twice a day room service, musical entertainment, being greeted each day with “Good morning Madam!”, I could go on and on.

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  3. Your post definitely makes me want to pack up and leave for St. Kitts right now. It’s interesting that their number one income is from tourism. But I’m really not all that surprised. Your photos make me realize how colorful the tour was for you as well as interesting. And I agree that being greeted and treated marvelously are just two perks of the tour. I’m sure there were many, many more!

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