Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #187 – Water

Our host Sofia chose water as our challenge and asks us to “please show us your water fun and tell us about it.”

This challenge topic is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have always been a lover of water. Salt water, fresh water, oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, mountain streams, waterfalls, I love them all.

Lucky for me my husband Henry shares my love of water. We have lived within a few miles of the Atlantic Ocean for most of our life and are surrounded by salt marsh and salt water. Almost all of our travels have revolved around water of some kind. Usually, we stay somewhere near water but until this January we had never taken a cruise ON the water. These images show some of the water fun we had during our Caribbean cruise.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Bathsheba Beach, Barbados
We hiked up steep stone stairs to see Trafalgar Falls in Dominica
We watched planes land at the airport from Sunset Beach Bar, St. Maarten
Sailing on a catamaran to a snorkeling spot in the British Virgin Islands
The bow of the ship was our favorite place to watch the water as we cruised through the Caribbean

Many thanks for Sofia’s challenge Lens’Artists #187: Water

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #187 – Water

  1. Wonderful collection of images of water, Beth. My favorite, though, is the sunset reflected on the windows of the bridge on the ship.

    Your cruise makes me envious and we are now thinking about a cruise in May. Haven’t yet “pulled the trigger”, but will make a decision by the end of next week. 🙂

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  2. Wow! You really saw a lot and did a lot. The last photo of the sunset reflection was my favorite. But all are so beautiful!
    We picked out and purchased our excursions for our cruise in April! Getting excited!

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