Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196 – Humor

Our guest host John of John’s Space chose humor as the topic for this challenge. I hope at least one of these images will make you laugh, or at least smile!

Sometimes animals make me laugh.

Is this a good pose?
This is my space!
Bad Hair Day

A few signs that made me laugh. Click on a photo for a closer look.

Many thanks to John of John’s Space for the challenge Lens’Artists #196: Humor

30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196 – Humor

      1. That makes sense! There is a place similar with HUGE gators at Circle B Bar Ranch west of Orlando. Been meaning to go there, but haven’t had a chance yet. Thanks for the smiles!

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  1. Great choices. I chuckled at quite a few. The alligator is funny because it appear only the one lady (aside from you) notices it. And clearly it runs the place. The sh** corner was hilarious. Where was that?

    And the rattlesnake sign…I can actually relate, and would follow the no parking with vigilance. Donna

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  2. You picked some good ones here! We were driving home yesterday, and saw a man sitting outside in a lawn chair on a pretty cold and windy afternoon. I couldn’t imagine someone sitting out in 40 degrees with a brisk wind, but when we got closer he was holding up a huge piece of cardboard that said ‘smile’ on it. 🙂

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