Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #199 – Mechanical/Industrial

For this challenge, John asks us to feature mechanical and/or industrial images.

The discovery of gold is an important part of Alaska’s history. Several year ago, as we traveled around Alaska, old abandoned dredges and rusty machinery gave us a glimpse of some of the old machines that were once used to mine for gold.

Dredge 8 in Fairbanks is a popular tourist attraction. Other mining equipment is on display and at the end of the tour visitors can pan for gold.

The Pedro Dredge in Chicken shown below is a National Historic Site. The rusty machinery in the header image is on display at the Chicken Post Office. We drove by an active mining operation near there.

Many thanks to John for the challenge Lens’Artists #199: Mechanical/Industrial

25 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #199 – Mechanical/Industrial

  1. The IRON AGE still lingers with us, I think. The detritus is everywhere! Breckenridge, CO has a faux-dredge restaurant in the river in the middle of town. There were numerous around in the mining days. Great selections you presented.

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  2. What a fun post! Such a wonderful post. My sweet man would love to see all these mechanical machines.
    We are back from our 3 week cruise! It was fabulous!
    Happy Friday!

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  3. Your trip to Alaska must have been so interesting. My husband loves looking at old machinery like that. We went to a show one time out in a New Hampshire field that was filled with all kinds of old machines…many of them not only on display but working.

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