Lens Artists Photo Challenge #245 – Environments

For this challenge our host Tina asks us to highlight environments we have experienced.

My husband and I have always enjoyed traveling. When our children were young and we were both still working we only had a limited amount of time and money for vacations. Our favorite vacation environments were campgrounds. We started out tent camping and later moved up to a pop up camper.

For many years we spent time in the Florida Keys at least once a year where the tropical environment revolves around the water.

After our kids were grown and we retired, we bought a fifth wheel trailer to travel around the United States and Canada. We enjoyed sleeping in our own bed at night and not having to pack and unpack as we traveled in our home on wheels. Our camping environments changed from place to place but our favorite places to camp were where we were surrounded by nature.

We made our last RV trip in 2019 and started enjoying different environments when we travel. During our 2019 trip to Ireland and Scotland our environments included cities, small towns, countrysides, and ancient castles.

When we stopped taking the RV on trips our travel environments changed from campgrounds to motels by the interstate, a historical hotel, a quaint inn, a condo near Orlando, and our first stay in an Airbnb.

We discovered a new to us travel environment last year when we took a cruise to the Caribbean and another to Alaska. It was wonderful to unpack once, have the room cleaned twice a day, enjoying delicious meals that I didn’t have to cook, and a different environment in every port.

Many thanks to Tina for this challenge Lens-Artists Challenge #245 – Environments

19 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge #245 – Environments

  1. Great collection of images depicting the challenge perfectly. RV travel is still the best. Nothing compares, but each phase in life presents issues and flexibility becomes the name of the game.

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      1. I had mixed emotions about our one and only cruise. My son and his wife love cruises. I think I like the freedom of the RV and exploring on my terms. Perhaps I’m spoiled 😏

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  2. Well Miss Beth, you two have truly done it all! Some terrific environments along the way indeed. We have yet to do a cruise but are finding it very tempting these days. Glad to hear you so enjoyed it! Beautiful images of all kinds of environments.

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    1. Thanks Tina. We resisted cruising for many years mainly because we didn’t want to begin a mega ship with thousands of passengers. We chose a cruise line withers max of 930 and it was just right for us.


  3. A great showing of all your different environments. We too are cruise lovers. We have two booked. One this year and one next year!
    Your pictures of camping and when RVing shows that we can enjoy travel in so many different ways.
    Thanks for all the fantastic pictures! Happy Monday!

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  4. Somehow this post got lost in my inbox until now. No wonder you have such great memories of the keys! Wonderful photos.

    And Haines, Alaska, that was one of our favorite small towns. Would love to go back.

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