Lens Artists Photo Challenge #235 – Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome

Patti’s challenge is to show shadows and reflections in monochrome. You may be thinking that black and white are two colors. Patti did some research and explains that black and white photos are really different shades of gray so they are considered monochrome for this challenge.

Our last challenge was from Donna who asked us to show messages in our photography. In my response I asked for guesses on where we spent our vacation last week. Those of you who guessed Florida are exactly right! We were on the Gulf Coast of Florida in Crystal River to be exact. I took these first three images while we were there and converted them to monochrome for Patti’s challenge.

Sunrise in black and white

Pelican gathering

The rest of my images are from some of places we have wandered over the years.

Airplane shadow over Alaska moutains
A walk in the Georgia woods
Storm over mountains in Colorado

Many thanks to Patti for her challenge Lens-Artists Challenge #235 – Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome