Day 52: Adventures outside Denali National Park

Day 52: July 6, 2013

Our day started with a drive along the highway between our campground and the entrance to the national park.

After lunch we were off for an ATV tour with Denali ATV Adventures. Henry and I chose a side by side four wheeler similar to our Ranger at home. The six ATV’s and three side by side ATV’s in our tour had 3 guides. After watching a safety video on the bus ride to the launch site and a safety introduction by one of the guides we were fitted for our helmets and off we went. Our tour took us on gravel public trails outside the national park. There were plenty of twists, turns, mud puddles, and bumps to make the ride really fun.

Covered in dirt, we returned to the campground where Henry worked on fixing a leaky kitchen drain. It’s a good thing we have a dual sink in the kitchen because he wasn’t able to get the necessary parts to fix the leak. I’ll just have to remember not to put water in that sink until we get somewhere with a hardware store. There’s always something!