We Love Waterfront Camping

Our favorite places to camp are the campgrounds with a view. There’s nothing like waking up with a view outside the RV or sitting outside in the evening enjoying the scenery around us. We’ve enjoyed campgrounds with views of spectacular mountains, glaciers, forests, and all kinds of water.

For us, the best camping is beside a river, mountain stream, lake, or any body of water for that matter.

We enjoy watching the different water craft go by.

Sometimes we see wildlife.

Blondie loves it when she gets a chance to go swimming.

We love watching the sun rise and set over the water.


18 thoughts on “We Love Waterfront Camping

  1. Gorgeous photos Beth! I agree, camping with a view and with wildlife around is the ultimate! I will let you know how we like Lake Dardannella State Park. I am disappointed that we won’t be able to stay longer! It looks lovely. Give Blondie a great big hug!!!


    1. Sheila, thanks! When we stayed at Lake Dardanelle we must have gotten there late in the day because I didn’t even take any pictures! Looking forward to seeing your photos. Have fun.


  2. There is a special quality to camping along the water. It is amazing how calming the sound of water is whether a waterfall, rapids, or waves crashing. Not to mention all the activity.


    1. Isn’t Cedar Key a fun place? We’ve enjoyed both our stays at Sunset Isle. Walking out on the docks to watch the birds and the sunset was wonderful. We spent a Thanksgiving there one year. The owners cooked turkey and ham and everyone brought side dishes. So fun!


  3. Absolutely! I have very fond memories of Golden Hill SP and my all time favorite J Percy Priest Lake. Keep the posts coming…


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