Ready to Wander

After spending the summer enjoying a Staycation at home, we are getting ready to hit the road for a fall road trip.

This summer flew by with our visits with grandchildren, going out with friends, boating, and sitting on the deck watching the world go by. We also took care of doctor visits, work around the house, and necessary repairs on the RV.

But it’s been 5 months since our last road trip and it is almost time to take off again.

Where will Titanium #107 go next? Stop by and say hi if you see us in a campground or honk and wave if you see us going down the road!

10 thoughts on “Ready to Wander

  1. Hey Beth!!! Glad to hear that you and your beau are heading back out again…. We just got back into Cumming (GA) last week and are only going to be here til 10/10 then heading back out to Red Bay, AL to get some work done on the bus, then turning it southward. Gulf Shores SP the last week in October for a week then slowly working our way over to Orlando the first week in December (for 10 days) to take our daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandbabies [ages 6 & 10] to Disney World. I’ll forward our itinerary to you if you want; we are planning to stay in a few different Florida State Park campgrounds this trip and see what they are like. We have never done any traveling in Florida so not sure what we are up against. Keep us posted!


    1. Enjoy your fall trip! And have fun in Florida! The Florida State Parks are really nice. Disney World with the grandkids will be so much fun. The only bad thing about traveling through Florida is the traffic.


  2. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures! Bon Voyage and wishing you lots of fun.


  3. Happy trails. Have spent the last 5 years in our 35 foot Titanium and loved it. This year the fifth wheel stays home in Canada while we take our new Roadtrek to Texas where we will be spending the winter in our under construction mobile home. Look forward to reading about your trip,
    Ruth from At Home on the Road


    1. Thank you! Always happy to hear from fellow Titanium owners! There are so few of us! I met a woman at a rest area in Georgia yesterday who used to have one and now has a class C. She and her husband went to the Glendale factory to order theirs. Have fun in Texas.


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