17 thoughts on “Fresh Crabs for Lunch

    1. We usually don’t try to catch crabs this time of year. Friends have been catching them and our weather has been nice so we decided to give it a try. We couldn’t eat all of them so I picked the rest and put them in the freezer for winter.

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    1. It’s so much fun to pull the traps and see what’s in them. The ones we caught Saturday were all big and full with huge claws. Do your parents catch many stone crabs? I love those, too. Enjoy your Florida crabs!


    1. We were fortunate not to experience the heavy rains. However, last Tuesday we experienced the highest tide I’ve ever seen in 30+ years. The combination of a full moon, spring tide and wind pushed the salt water into our yard and over roads. The road to the island was closed during the highest part of the tide. It didn’t get to our house and there was no damage.

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