When I was a lot younger I was too busy to notice a lot of the little details that occur in nature. I discovered later in life that if I slow down and look around me I can enjoy the beauty of something as simple as trees or birds reflected in still water.

Otter Springs, FL
Lake Bistineau
Lake Bistineau, LA
Foggy morning on West Point Lake
Foggy morning on West Point Lake, GA
Little Ocmulgee State Park, GA
An unusual looking palm tree in the Silver River
Yellow Crowned Night Heron, FL

Inspired by Ingrid’s Wandering Wednesday photo prompt – Reflections

11 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Oh that foggy morning is special! Quite moody! Pretty captures my friend!

    Isn’t it the truth that we can see more now that we are older (not old) and wiser!

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  2. Love these dreamy images especially the foggy morning one with the lone tree. Amazing how we get more observant with age or maybe its our cameras that have taught us to notice things more acutely 🙂

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  3. Beth, each photo is beautiful Reflection photos are soothing to behold. Perhaps, we were not taught and simply didn’t take the time to enjoy nature when younger. Growing up, in the era that I did, I spent a lot of time outside; however, I don’t remember appreciating the beauty of nature as I do now. It seems sad that young people today aren’t getting outside and learning to appreciate nature. Hopefully some do with parents/grandparents that encourage outside activities. I don’t truly know, but it seems younger people are spending too much time inside and on their electronics.
    Again, enjoyed your reflection photos.

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