Lens-Artists #64: Countryside and/or small towns

This week Amy has challenged us to show countryside and/or small towns.

We’ve traveled many back roads during our travels around the United States. As we drive along I love seeing the crops growing in the fields and knowing where our food comes from. I am grateful to all the hardworking farmers who grow the food and other crops that we need.

California Vineyard
Illinois Corn
Cotton in Arkansas
Barn in Illinois
Red Barn in the Midwest

Sometimes the countryside is filled with colorful wildflowers and other interesting sights.

Boots and Bluebonnets in Texas
Cows crossing the levee road
When traveling the back roads, you never know what you’ll see crossing the road

Many thanks to Amy for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Countryside and/or Small Towns


18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #64: Countryside and/or small towns

  1. Loved these Beth – true we don’t often think of the hard-working farmers who grow our food do we? (Great catch on the boot too!). Surprised they still have cotton fields with all of the foreign imports and high-tech fabrics these days. Must be a really difficult crop to sell.

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