Lens-Artists #88: Chaos

This week  Ann-Christine has chosen Chaos as the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

I experienced chaos first hand this week when I made a routine trip to the grocery store. I wasn’t there for toilet paper, hand sanitizer or cleaning supplies but apparently every one else was. It was a total mad house with not enough cashiers to handle the crowd. I was glad to get out of there with my few groceries (and wine)!

So, to bring a lighter note to this post I chose some photos of chaos in the animal world.

Feeding frenzy at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm
When the shrimpers clean their nets, seagulls come by for an easy meal
Salmon returning to the fish hatchery in Valdez, Alaska

Many thanks to Ann-Christine for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Chaos

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #88: Chaos

  1. LOL Beth – your animal-world chaos rather reminds me of the human chaos in the grocery stores of late! And your gator chaos gave me the willies!!!! Excellent choices for the week

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  2. Excellent choices for Chaos – this is natural, and completely understandable too! I have some difficulties in understanding the things people buy. Toilet paper for months ahead? For how many people? Glad you got out of there in one piece!

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