Lens-Artists #97: Pastimes

This week’s challenge comes from guest host Sue (Mac’s Girl) at The Nature of Things. She has asked us to feature hobbies or interests we have enjoyed over the years or something new we have discovered during this time of staying at home.

During this time of staying at home each day consists of a few of these activities: Reading, cooking, walking and photography. A major outing is an occasional grocery store run.


I’ve always loved to read and I have really enjoyed having the time to read more than usual. These days I get most of my books digitally from the local library and I often have four or five books on hold. My favorite recently read book is  Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. As you can see from the next photo, I’ve just about worn out the cover for my IPad and my two favorite books have been read and reread many times.

Favorite reads
My favorite place to read


I’ve had a lot of time to spend cooking and baking during the shutdown. I’ve enjoyed using fresh produce from my favorite produce stand whenever I can.

Fresh produce from my favorite produce stand


Before the shut down I walked on the days I wasn’t going to water aerobics or going to the gym at the local YMCA. During the shut down my main exercise is walking. For a while the beach was closed and most walks were in my neighborhood. Now that the beach is open, I walk on the beach at least once a week.

Early morning surfer
Horseshoe Crab


I’m always looking for things to photograph. Recently my garden has been full of birds, butterflies, and blooms.

Ruby Female Throated Hummingbird

The Tybee Island Lighthouse is across the street from the parking lot for the beach. I was excited when I saw the flag flying Friday morning in honor of Memorial Day Weekend.

Honoring America’s fallen heroes for Memorial Day weekend

Please take a moment this Memorial Day Weekend to remember all of our fallen military heroes who gave their lives for our country.

Many thanks to guest host Sue (Mac’s Girl) for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Pastimes


28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #97: Pastimes

  1. Wonderful hobbies! You and I could be buddies as we have the same hobbies.
    Lovely pictures… That Hummingbird and the LightHouse with the flag…. are outstanding.
    Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!

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  2. The hummingbird photo should win a prize because it’s a beauty. WOW! I just finished my first ‘real’ book in a long time. Now, I’ve got to try and find an ebook until my hubby is done with the second library book we picked up. I have another to get next Wednesday. Who knew a person could get this excited over a book. 🙂 Memorial Day is one of my favorite days because of what it signifies. Stay well.

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    1. Judy, thank you! So glad you like the hummingbird! I resisted ebooks for a long time because I like to hold a book and turn the pages as I read. I finally started downloading them so we wouldn’t have to take so many books when we traveled. I understand about being excited about a book! A while back you Mentioned the Robert B. Parker books in one of your blog posts. I can usually get one of them when I need a quick read while waiting for one of my books on hold to be available.

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      1. The library process for ebooks is really easier than the physical book, and I’d probably totally switch over if they had ‘new’ releases in ebook format. Right now to get the latest books I have to go with the paper version. We have a huge library and right now it is allowing 10 people in at a time to only use computers for an hour. The only way to get a book is by hold and then a reservation to pick it up. But, I can’t imagine a day without a good book to read. If you run out of Parker, check out C. J. Box’s series about Joe Pickett. I’ve read every one of them. 🙂

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        1. Our library gets some of the new books but there is usually a long waiting list. I’ve read a couple of the Joe Picket books! They are great! Have you read Craig Johnson’s Longmire series? I love them. We should have a blogger’s book club!

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  3. Hobbies are a joy in life. How wonderful you can take a walk on a beach once a week! I will have to read “Before We Were Yours.”


    1. Thank you! I know Gone with the Wind isn’t for everyone but I come from a long line of Georgians and have ancestors who lived though this time so I see it from a different viewpoint than many. I love the characters in the book, especially Scarlet and Melanie.

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  4. I love to read but still resist ebooks. I want to turn the page and earmark where I stop. And I absolutely refuse to listen to audio books!!! Love the shot of the lighthouse! Enjoy your walks on the beach!


  5. Beth, I enjoy similar pastimes although I have lake beaches and not an ocean beach where I live. Gone with the Wind is one of my favourite books, too. Thank you for sharing your pastimes and beautiful photos.

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  6. What great pictures and wonderful ways to spend your time! I was so relieved when we got back to the beach after 2 months – could barely stand it!

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  7. Reading and walking have been two constants for me since I was about 8 years old! Cooking and photography came a little later. You are fortunate to have beach walks–I miss the beach at St. Simons. Not sure when we’ll get there again. And “Lonesome Dove” is one of my favorite books, ever!

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