Lens-Artists #120: What A Treat

For this photo challenge Tina says “We’d love for you you to share something that was a treat for you”. This challenge reminded me of a fun day with friends before the pandemic shut down the world.

I sampled almost all of the flavors

A few days before the national emergency was declared, our group of nine Active Older Adults from our local YMCA boarded a small bus for the 30 minute ride to Byrd’s Famous Cookies Bakery and Flagship Store. We began our adventure in the store where we sampled cookies and of course bought some to take home.

I’ll take a jar of each
What a Treat – Byrd Cookies
The smell of the baking cookies was heavenly

After a short presentation about the history of the company and more cookie tasting we took a tour of the bakery. No photography was allowed in the production area but I was able to get this shot through window of the doors to the room. Seeing so many cookies at once was a cookie lover’s dream come true!

As soon as the door to the production room was opened the smell of fresh baked cookies filled the air. Just imagine the aroma in your kitchen when you are baking cookies and multiply it by about 1000. I wish I could transmit that heavenly scent through the internet to you. Our guide walked us through the entire process from dough to hot cookies coming out of the oven. We were then rewarded with warm, fresh baked cookies right off the production line.

We wrapped up our day with lunch at Bow Tie Barbeque before boarding the bus back home.

Byrd’s Famous Cookies Since 1924

The cookies have been made in Savannah since 1924 when there was only one flavor – their famous Scotch Oatmeal cookies. Today their flavors include Key Lime Coolers, Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel, and Georgia Peach plus many others. There are several Byrd’s stores around Savannah and the cookies are distributed to stores all around the country.

Laughing with friends, eating cookies, and going out to lunch – what a treat!

If you would like to learn more about Byrd’s Famous Cookies or would like to order some of these mouth watering treats, visit Byrd Cookie Company.

Many thanks to Tina for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #120: What a Treat.

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #120: What A Treat

  1. Oh dear, I would consider that the most irresistible of temptations beth. I am a total soft-touch when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. My husband, who is a superb baker, is under strict orders not to make them! What a treat indeed.

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  2. Ha – what a delicious treat! I have always deplored the lack of possibility to smell through WP – that would really be a treat as well! Love the original flavour I think, but feel free to let me taste all of them – and in good company like you did.

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  3. oohhh! Smellanet! Next big thing! I’m sure it was heavenly! I was thinking of making some cookie dough this weekend too! That salted caramel and Georgia Peach sound really yummy! And the Key Lime Coolers. Guess I better get busy making some cookies! 🙂

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