Rosy Reds for Valentine’s Day

I planted two new new camellias last weekend. Even though it’s been raining every day since then I have managed to go check them out every day between showers. I’m hoping there will continue to be new blooms in the garden for awhile.

The following two images and the image above are from my garden last year and this year.

My interest in camellias began when I went for a tour of the camellias in Bonaventure Cemetery with a group of ladies in my local garden club two years ago. This plant covered with rosy red camellias was one of my favorites from that day.

Happy Valentines Day!

Sharred with Terri’s Sunday Stills challenge – Rosy Reds. and Natalie’s Coffee Share.

13 thoughts on “Rosy Reds for Valentine’s Day

  1. Beth, The camellias are beautiful. I don’t see them where I live until March at the earliest and even then, not so many flowers on one tree. Thank you for linking with my #WeekendCoffeeShare.

    P.S. If you click the Inlinkz blue button on my blog, at the end of my post, and enter the URL to your post, it’s easier for other bloggers to see your thumbnail and you can see them, too.

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  2. Nicely done on the two-fer photo challenge, Beth! Although I never grew any camellias, my former home of Sacramento boasted it was the camellia capitol! They grow in abundance everywhere, particularly this time of year, and help to break up that gray monotony of the central valley. Yours are stunning and looks like a wonderful hobby!

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