Fallen trees along the Georgia Coast

As you walk along some of the beaches on Georgia’s barrier islands you may come across driftwood from dead trees. Sometimes you may even find an entire tree that has fallen.

In October 2016, Category 2 Hurricane Matthew was offshore in the Atlantic Ocean when it passed by close to where we live in Coastal Georgia. When we returned home after evacuating I witnessed first hand just how powerful the storm was. Massive old oaks and pines had fallen all around our neighborhood, blocking roads and driveways. In some cases the tree just barely missed landing on a house.

It took weeks to clean up all the debris. You can read more at Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Many thanks to Terri’s Sunday Stills challenge – Fallen.

12 thoughts on “Fallen trees along the Georgia Coast

    1. Alice, I can relate! The howling of the wind at night is terrifying. We evacuated for Matthew and a year later stayed for Irma the next year. The winds weren’t as bad with Irma. We always breathe a sigh of relief at the end of hurricane season.

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  1. The fallen trees along the beach tell a sorrowful tale of the hurricane. Beautiful photos, Beth, I’m glad your home wasn’t affected! I’m glad you got your post published today as I’m linking all posts in tomorrow’s rosy-red post 🙂

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  2. Driftwood always makes for good motives for pictures.
    Here, it was rain turning into ice on the twigs and branches that brought the branches down – luckily not the trees as a hurricane does. It looks horrible in our back yard, though.

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    1. Judy, I know what you mean. When we go to middle Georgia there are always fallen trees in the woods. People who live where I live keep the tree trimmers busy trimming the huge limbs that hang over their roof.

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