Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #147: Gardens

Mother’s Day was very special this year. We spent the weekend with our daughter and her family in Virginia after not seeing them for a year and a half.

On Mother’s Day I spent the morning enjoying the beautiful gardens our daughter has created around their house. While she was busy planting plants I wandered around snapping pictures. There aren’t many flowers yet but when they bloom the colors will be spectacular.

Their back yard has a steep hill that used to be all grass. Over a period of several years she has transferred much of their back yard into a beautiful, peaceful space with a chair for relaxing and watching the birds, butterflies, and an occasional bunny that come to the garden.

In the front of the house are more flower beds. Underneath the Dogwood tree is a chair for lounging and nearby is a birdbath for the birds.

It was wonderful to spend Mother’s Day with my daughter and her family. After she finished her garden chores we went for a walk around a nearby pond. Our son-in-law prepared a delicious dinner and my daughter made a carrot cake for desert. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Many thanks to Amy for challenging us to show the beauty of gardens this week. Please be sure to visit her original post at Lens-Artists Challenge #147: Gardens

31 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #147: Gardens

  1. How wonderful to spent time with your daughter and enjoy her beautiful garden. She has done a great job creating a lovely garden around her house. That is such a special Mother Day!

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    1. Yes, it was a very special day! The kitchen table faces the backyard and there is also a deck that’s great for watching from a distance. Every year the garden gets a little bit bigger.


  2. Oh I am thrilled for you! How wonderful to be with your daughter again! A very special Mother’s Day!
    Her gardens are fabulous! And I am so happy you shared them with us!

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