Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #155: On the Water

Many thanks to John Steiner of Journeys with Johnbo for hosting this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge “On the Water”.

His challenge immediately made me think of boats and ships. Boats are a common sight on the water where I live in coastal Georgia. There are pleasure boats, working boats, and even giant container ships going in and out of the port of Savannah. The above image is the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle as it led the 2012 Tall Ships Challenge out of Savannah.

I love to see boats on the water wherever we wander.

Many thanks to John for this challenge. Please be sure to visit his original post at Lens-Artists Challenge #155: On the Water

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #155: On the Water

  1. Ah, boats. My favorite are sailboats. I could sit for hours watching them glide across the water, their sails and the breeze propelling them forward.

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    1. John, the Eagle is a training ship used by the Coast Guard. It is beautiful to see in person. Thanks for this challenge! I love boats and have lots of boat images. I’m glad you enjoyed the ones I chose to include in the challenge.

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