Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231 – Favorite Images of 2022

I am grateful that in 2022 we were able to take not one but two fabulous cruises, enjoy a wonderful weekend with family attending our grandson’s high school graduation, and take a few short road trips. When we weren’t wandering we enjoyed being at home in Coastal Georgia.






University of Georgia Arch


Georgia Salt Marsh


Magnolia, Coastal Georgia


Sunrise over the St. John’s River, Palatka, Florida


Coastal Georgia Summer Storm


Humpback Whale – Sitka, Alaska


Roseate Spoonbill, Coastal Georgia


Great Egret, Coastal Georgia


First Camellia of the season, Coastal Georgia


December beach walk, Tybee Island, Georgia

Many thanks to John for the first Lens-Artists challenge of 2023. You can see his original post at Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231 – Favorite Images of 2022.

33 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #231 – Favorite Images of 2022

  1. Wonderful images Beth – it always amazes me how similar our environments are. I love capturing the marsh during a summer storm and your image of that is perfection, as is your beautiful spoonbill. Glad you were able to get away last year, but isn’t it nice to return home to such amazing nature?! Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

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    1. Tina, thank you! We are really not that far away from each other! I had forgotten about the summer storm photo until I started going through my photos for this post. Our trips were amazing but we actually spent a lot of time at home last year. I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful area.


  2. Oh, that Magnolia was lovely. I do miss my Camellia from the old house. There was a hummingbird, and Chickadee that lived in it plus the beautiful blossoms.

    Your Roseate Spoonbill!!! I long to see one someday.

    Great selections for your 2022 favorites, BJ!

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  3. GORGEOUS Photos! Love that Spoonbill! and who doesn’t love some flower therapy!
    CONGRATULATIONS on the game last night! I will say… it was not as exciting as when Georgia played the Buckeyes! Happy Tuesday!

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  4. Your images are lovely! I enjoyed them very much….the spoonbill, the egret, Tybee….I feel the same way….grateful for the trips we have taken. I don’t take them for granted anymore.

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  5. I love a look back at your year and your favorites. So nice to have travel back, isn’t it? We just took our first cruise ever over the holiday. It was fun. I love your “home” beach photos, but my favorite was the spoonbill. Happy New Year.

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    1. Donna, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. It’s always a treat to see a spoonbill and even better when I can get a photo. Happy to hear you enjoyed your first cruise. Our January cruise to the Caribbean was our first and we are hooked! Happy New Year!

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