Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #197 – Rule of Thirds

“This week our challenge is focused on one of the most well-known and widely-used “rules: of photography, the Rule of Thirds.” – quote from Tina, Travels and Trifles

In his book “Photo Basics” photographer Joel Sartore describes the rule like this: “Imagine drawing a tic-tac-toe board over a photograph and adjusting the placement of your subject to be along any of the lines or their intersections.”

In the header image, the two white pelicans are the focal point of the photo. By placing them in the left of the image our eye is drawn to them and as we look to the right we discover a small bird sharing the sandbar with them.

By placing the little Eastern Bluebird on the right side of the image our eyes follow his eyes up to the left.

In the next image our eyes move from left to right from my husband in the bottom left to the glacier and mountains in the distance.

Many thanks to Tina for the challenge Lens’Artists #197: Rule of Thirds

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196 – Humor

Our guest host John of John’s Space chose humor as the topic for this challenge. I hope at least one of these images will make you laugh, or at least smile!

Sometimes animals make me laugh.

Is this a good pose?
This is my space!
Bad Hair Day

A few signs that made me laugh. Click on a photo for a closer look.

Many thanks to John of John’s Space for the challenge Lens’Artists #196: Humor

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #195 – Colorful Expressions

Mother Nature’s colorful wildflowers add beauty to our world.

Texas Bluebonnets
Bluebells in Alaska
Fireweed in Alaska
Spring wildflowers in Virginia
Spring Wildflower in Virginia
Blanketflower in Texas
Summer wildflower in Georgia

Many thanks to Anne for the challenge Lens’Artists #195: Colorful Expressions

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #194 – Bokeh

In photography, a Bokeh is the blurred or out of focus background in a photo. I’ve achieved this affect many times by setting the camera to aperture priority or by using a telephoto lens for taking close ups of birds or flowers. I never knew there was a name for this effect until I read Sophia’s challenge Lens’Artists #194: Bokeh

For Sofia’s challenge I chose a few images of this year’s spring blossoms from around my yard.

Thanks to Sophia for the challenge Lens’Artists #194: Bokeh

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #193 – Birthday

Our family is scattered and it is rare for us to all get together to celebrate a birthday. Henry and I have often found ourselves celebrating a birthday in a place far from home.

I celebrated my 62nd birthday by panning for gold in Dawson City, Yukon Territory
One year we celebrated Henry’s birthday at the Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland.

Why wait until a birthday to celebrate? Celebrate the little things every day!

Thanks to John for the challenge Lens’Artists #193: Birthday