Wandering Around America One State at a Time – Kansas

State 14:

Welcome to the next post in my series highlighting states we have visited throughout the years. I hope you will enjoy coming along for the ride!

I will be featuring the states alphabetically. The next state is


Kansas became the 34th state on January 29, 1861 and the capital is Topeka.

We’ve wandered through Kansas on our travels and camped there twice. Both times we camped there it was only for one night. Both times we arrived late after a long driving day and left early the next morning for another day of hard driving. Both stays were pleasant and a cornfield bordered the campground. Both times as we drove through Kansas we passed by pastures filled with grazing cattle and many farms with fields of corn, wheat, and other grains. Wild sunflowers beside the highway added a splash of yellow to the landscape.

The last time we drove through Kansas was in the summer of 2013. We fought a head wind all day as we drove east on  I-70 and stopped for the night in an RV park near the interstate. I took a few photos of the fields surrounding the park but unfortunately, I lost my Kansas photos after my computer’s hard drive crashed last year.

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