Day 41: On Top of the World

Day 41: June 25, 2013. Dawson City, Yukon to Chicken, Alaska on Top of the World Highway. Chicken Gold Camp Site 5. 108 miles traveled in about 7 hours.

To get to Alaska from Dawson City, the shortest route is to travel across The Top of the World Highway on mostly gravel road with few guard rails and spectacular views.

Our journey began as we got in line for the ferry about 8:00. We watched the ferry make several trips across the river before it was our turn to board about 9:00.

Once we exited the ferry in West Dawson, we were on our way on the Top of the World Highway. It was originally called the Ridge Road because it was built on top of the ridge.

We crossed back into the United States at Poker Creek, the northernmost border crossing by land in North America

After that, the road was even worse than before! There is construction work on the American side. The road is very narrow in places and has very soft shoulders and no guardrails. After about 8 miles we turned onto the Taylor Highway which was the scariest part of the trip. Soft shoulders, narrow, and straight drop offs. The view of the valley below was supposed to be beautiful but I had to keep looking straight ahead!

We arrived in Chicken, Alaska and got the last electric site there. There are only three places in Chicken – Downtown Chicken, The Town of Chicken, and Chicken Gold Camp where we stayed. You can walk from one place to another. Each one has a campground, store, and restaurant. There’s a post office down the road a short distance. The mail plane only comes twice a week.

Day 39: Driving on the Klondike Highway

Day 39: Sunday, June 23, 2013. Whitehorse, Yukon to Dawson City, Yukon. Gold Rush RV Park, Site 69. 332 Miles traveled on the Alaska Highway and Klondike Highway.

Today was a really long driving day for us. We traveled about 12 miles on the Alaska Highway and turned north onto the Klondike Highway for the rest of the trip. The highway ran along the Yukon River for part of the day. During the gold rush steam ships traveled up the Yukon River to Dawson City where gold had been discovered.

At one of the overlooks, we saw the most unusual bus we had ever seen. This orange bus was as long and tall in the front as a normal bus but the back half was like a triple decker bus with rows of windows with curtains. We guessed that the windows were some kind of bedroom. When we checked into the RV park the bus had checked in right before us. The lady at the campground told us it was a tour bus from Germany with 27 sleeping cubes. There were 14 passengers in the bus this trip. When they were set up at their campsite the passengers sat at table under a big awning at a table while dinner was prepared. After dinner, they all disappeared. I’m guessing they went to one of the shows in Dawson City. I was hoping to take a picture of it in the morning but they were gone when I went outside.