Ospreys in the Neighborhood

Ospreys are commonly seen where I live along the Georgia Coast. They have been entertaining us this week by perching on a flagpole and on our weather vane.

One morning I woke up to witness one of our spectacular autumn sunrises. To my delight an osprey was perched on top of the flagpole.

20 thoughts on “Ospreys in the Neighborhood

  1. Beth, we have several around here too. They seem to have favorite spots to perch. Everyone in town is talking about the one on the bridge that goes over to Hutchinson Island. He’s there almost every day lording over everything in sight. There have been several photos posted of him on FB and on NextDoor, but I haven’t been lucky enough to nab one of him. I love your sunrise photo best, but the one on top of the dolphin made me chuckle.

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    1. Suzanne, the ospreys are fun to see. I often see them perched on some of the tall trees on the road into our neighborhood. I drive by huge nests on top of the tall electric poles beside a busy road I drive on frequently. Seeing them at sunrise was a real treat.

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