Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Located near downtown Savannah, The Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah is a wonderful place to view animals native to Georgia.  Sadly, the center is currently closed after a tornado tore through the center in July, 2018.  All of the animals were safe but many of the structures sustained damage.

When the center is open, there are many educational programs for students. For more information about the center please visit their website.

A few years ago we took our two oldest grandkids to Oatland Island to see the animals. It was such a great day we returned for a second visit a couple of months later.


Red-tailed Hawk


Red Fox
Broad-Headed Skink
Gray Wolf
Gopher Tortoise

Inspired by Ingrid’s Wandering Wednesday – Zoo

8 thoughts on “Oatland Island Wildlife Center

  1. I am so glad all the animals are safe after that tragedy.

    I had a red tail hawk in my back yard a few days ago. It was gorgeous but I scared it away as I didn’t want it to eat my goldfinches.

    Loved seeing all your zoo pics!

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