Throwback Thursday #3 – August 15, 2007

Welcome to #3 in my series of flashbacks to memorable days from our RV trips.

Flashback to twelve years ago, on August 15, 2007. After a three month RV trip from Georgia to the west coast, we weren’t ready to sit still yet. With 100 degree heat at home, we decided to escape to Mountain Rest, South Carolina to beat the heat. Our campsite was at Oconee State Park in the South Carolina Upcountry about 30 minutes from the Georgia state line in one direction and the North Carolina state line in another direction.

August 15 was our first full day camping at the park. We started the day by wandering around the state park.

Lake in Oconee State Park, SC
Oconee State Park, SC
Water Wheel at Oconee State Park, SC

We took a scenic drive to nearby Issaqueena Falls and the Stumphouse Tunnel.

The falls are named after Issaqueena, an Indian Maiden who fell in love with David Francis, a silversmith who lived in what is now the town of Ninety Six, South Carolina. After she learned that her tribe planned a surprise attack on the settlement, Issaqueena warned the settlers there. Angry at her for warning the settlers, her tribe tracked her down. To escape, she jumped over the falls and hid on a ledge behind the water. The warriors thought she was dead and gave up the search.

Issaqueena Falls
Issaqueena Falls

The Stumphouse Tunnel also has an interesting story.  The railroad wanted to connect Charleston, SC with the midwest so they began building the tunnel in 1852. The tunnel goes about 1600 feet into the mountain but was never finished.

The Stumphouse Tunnell was never finished

At the Walhalla Fish Hatchery we saw thousands of trout of all different sizes.

Walhalla Fish Hatchery, SC
Walhalla Fish Hatchery, SC

We camped at Oconee State Park a few more days and continued to explore the area not only in South Carolina but also in North Carolina and Georgia. We discovered scenic drives, more waterfalls, good restaurants, and mountain trails.

Wandering Dawgs at Issaqueena Falls, SC, August 15, 2007



14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #3 – August 15, 2007

    1. The best part was there weren’t throngs of people everywhere we went and we were able to take some scenic drives through a National Forest. A bonus was eating at one of our favorite restaurants in Georgia and seeing waterfalls in North Carolina.

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      1. The Cowee tunnel was a sad story. We enjoy learning the history of all these places. The Road to Nowhere, even though unfinished has lots of nice trails around it too. Here’s to more tunnels and more adventures in the future 😁

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    1. It’s a great place to go to beat the heat this time of year. If you go be sure to do the Tri-State Drive through SC, NC and GA. It will take you on a beautiful scenic drive with several waterfalls and through the towns of Dillard, GA, Franklin, NC and Highlands, NC. I wouldn’t recommend taking the RV on that drive, though. Send me an email if you want more info.

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