Photo Challenge: Lens-Artists #61 – Precious Pets

For this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge Tina has challenged us to show Precious Pets.

We lost our precious dog Blondie almost 2 years ago. She lived a full life and traveled over 200,000 miles on her bed in the back seat of our truck as she accompanied us in our RV travels through the U. S and Canada. She loved to swim, chase tennis balls, and go for a boat ride. During our travels she swam in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, all the Great Lakes, Cook’s Inlet in Alaska, and even the Yukon River in Canada.

Blondie returns with the tennis ball
Blondie was happiest when she was in the water
Blondie and the salmon
Blondie and the salmon at the fish hatchery in Valdez, Alaska
Blondie in Cook Inlet in Ninilchik, Alaska
Blondie in Cook Inlet in Ninilchik, Alaska
Going for a boat ride
Blondie loved going for a boat ride

We don’t have a pet these days but we have a grand dog and two grand cats.

Grand Dog Jack the Dachshund
Grand Dog Jack studies a crab at the beach
Grand Cat Tubbles
Our grand cats Tubbles and Tootsie anxiously await Thanksgiving dinner

This post is dedicated to the memory of all the pets who have made our lives so much richer – FD, FD2, Shadow, Howard, Blue, and especially Blondie.

Blondie's Treasure
RIP Blondie


Thanks to Tina at Travels and Trifles for the Lens Artists Challenge – Precious Pets this week

19 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Lens-Artists #61 – Precious Pets

  1. Beth, thanks for sharing your Blondie with us, what a beauty she was! Surely she had traveled more than most people!! They do leave an indelible mark, don’t they?! Your grands are all precious – love the shot of the cats at the table!

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  2. Hi, Beth. What a wonderful tribute to the animals that enriched your life. Blondie and our dog Max would have loved to take a swim together….just about anywhere! Blondie must have been a very special companion.

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  3. I remember Blondie with loving thoughts. My little doxie, Junior, is 17. We love our 4 legged family members ❤️. So many wonderful memories & great times.

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