Lens-Artists #67: Candid

This week, Ann-Christine has challenged us to capture candid shots of people and/or animals.

This challenge was a difficult one for me because it’s hard for me to get good photos of people. Usually my candid shots are epic fails, either blurred or someone has a funny look on their face. As I searched through my photos I found some candid shots from our trip to Ireland and Scotland earlier this year.

On that trip we visited more than a few pubs. I couldn’t help but capture a few candid shots as we enjoyed a pint and dinner after a busy day of taking in the sights.

Bartender pouring our first Guinness pint at the Gravity Bar at the Guinness Brewery
Bartender at the beautiful Crown in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Decisions, Decisions… in Edinburgh, Scotland

I loved hearing the music in the pubs and seeing the street performers.

Musicians in Dublin
Musicians at a pub in Dingle, Ireland
In the shopping district in Galway
Bagpiper in Edinburgh, Scotland

I managed to capture a few people doing everyday things.

Waterville, Ireland
Dingle Boat Harbor, Ireland
Surfers at Inch Beach, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

I can’t end this post without including some candid animal shots.

A shepherd tending to his flock during a sheep dog demonstration in Ir
Highland Cow at Fernie Castle, Scotland

Many thanks to Ann-Christine  for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Candid


16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #67: Candid

  1. A very diverse candid gallery! No blurred or funny faces as far as I can see…My favorite is the Dingle shot of the two musicians – you can feel the atmosphere and how engaged they are in their music. And who can resist a Scotsman in his full monty?

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  2. Oooh. Great shots. Brings back memories of a couple of trips to Ireland. Love the pub music. Saw the Causeway. Saw a superb sheep dog demonstration. Wonderful country and people.

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    1. Thank you Tina. I think you are right about taking more candid shots when traveling. When I’m somewhere near home with an opportunity to take candid shots I usually don’t think about it.


  3. Judy, I love these. It is very hard to capture people in candid situations. As soon as most see a camera they either duck away or pose. Either isn’t good. That’s Giant’s Causeway photo makes me smile in remembrance of a day not long ago when we did that very thing.

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