Lens-Artists #84: Narrow

For this week’s challenge Amy has chosen “narrow” as this week’s theme. Here’s a quote from Amy’s post:

 “Travel has taught me that once we go through a narrow path, alley, and/or road with a little patience, at the end it always opens up to pleasant surprises. This experience certainly has broadened my horizon allowing me to see the world through different eyes.”

Amy is so right! We like to travel on the back roads and a few times drove down a dirt or gravel road just to see where it went. As I read Amy’s challenge I immediately thought of some of those many narrow roads.

Most recently, Henry not only had to master driving on the left but also on narrow roads in Ireland and Scotland. And yes, the roads pictured here are two lane roads!

Slea Head Drive, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
Isle of Skye, Scotland

Towing our fifth wheel trailer across the Top of the World Highway with no guard rails in the Yukon was a white knuckle experience. We kept our fingers crossed that we wouldn’t meet a truck going the other way! The scenery was spectacular.

Top of the World Highway - above the tree line
Traveling above the tree line on the Top of the World Highway in Yukon Territory, Canada

We had many adventures on narrow roads while traveling around the United States, too. To get to Cataloochee Valley in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park we had to go down this dirt and gravel Cove Creek Road.

Hairpin Turn Cove Creek Road
Hairpin Turn Cove Creek Road

There are plenty of narrow roads in Texas.

We drove on many narrow Texas roads in search of Texas Bluebonnets
Yes, we towed our fifth wheel down this narrow road into Palo Duro Canyon in Texas

There were some memorable narrow roads in Mississippi Delta of Arkansas.

The Great River Road in Arkansas follows the Mississippi River

Many thanks to Amy for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Narrow

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #84: Narrow

  1. Your Irish and Scottish roads brought me some funny memories Beth. The Uber-skinny two-way roads are incredible. But so scenic it’s well worth the fright you get as cars approach from the other direction. Very well chosen for the week

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  2. Beautiful captures of these narrow roads in different countries! I love your selections. Thank you for sharing your travels through narrow winding roads. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! After Henry drove our rental car on the Slea Head Drive we opted to take a tour around the Ring of Kerry 😀 Both were fun but Henry really enjoyed letting someone else do the driving on the tour

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  3. Driving is an adventure! We’ve all been there. I still tense up thinking of the one way tunnels in Iceland – you had to keep looking way ahead and then watch for the next pullout if you saw headlights.

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