Lens-Artists #114: Negative Space

This week’s photo challenge from Amy asks us to show negative space. The negative space in a photo is the space surrounding the main subject in an image. This negative space can add a sense of emptiness, calm, peacefulness, or isolation.

In the photo above, the little dachshund is the main subject of this image. Our eye is drawn beyond the dog where we see he is running towards a flock of brown pelicans on a deserted beach.

In the next two photos, I felt the isolation of some very remote areas in the United States.

Driving through the Big Sky country of Montana toward the Bighorn Mountains
On this remote section of the Alaska Highway we were the only vehicle for miles

I like to use negative space to surround the main subject when taking closeup photos in the garden.

Monarch butterfly on milkweed

Thanks to Amy for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #114 – Negative Space.

15 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #114: Negative Space

  1. Hi dawn – not sure if you realized it – but this theme was last week’s Lens artist theme – this week Tina released earlier today and it is “inspiration”

    And love what you shared for negative some – esp the butterfly on the bloom photo –
    It is like it is floating – but all
    Such god examples

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      1. Oh I am late sometimes on challenges too and the only reason I Mentioned it was because you said “this week” and I truly wondered if you did not know the new theme came out –
        – and hope it did not say that in the wrong way!
        cheers to joining in when we can and enjoying our readers too!

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