Lens-Artists #123: Found in the Neighborhood

I don’t find trees showing off their fall colors in my neighborhood. Instead, I find evidence of fall when the marsh grass starts changing from green to brown.

My neighborhood is surrounded by salt water creeks and salt marsh. It’s a small, friendly neighborhood where most of the neighbors know each other and look out for each other. When we are driving down the road we wave at each other as we go by. When we are in our front yard, neighbors out for a walk stop to chat.

When the muhly grass turns pink, fall is here in coastal Georgia

I found more signs of fall a few weeks ago when the muhly grass in my yard displayed it’s brilliant pink.

Snowy Egret in the neighborhood

I find many birds in the neighborhood all year long. This week I found this Snowy Egret on our dock.

Many thanks to Ann-Christine hosting this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challeng e #123: Found in the Neighborhood

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #123: Found in the Neighborhood

  1. Yes, Every Day is a Gift. A lovely post breathing fresh air and a neighbourhood filled with warmth and care for each other. Lovely egret! Wishing you a calm and joyilled weekend.

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  2. Our neighborhoods have much in common Beth, in fact your images could be mine as well! Just curious about the muhly grass – is it the same as what we call sweetgrass? It look very similar but ours doesn’t lie down like that, it pokes up from the ground. Wonderful images.

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    1. Tina, every time you post photos of where you live I think of how much it looks like here. You got be interested in the difference between muhly grass and sweetgrass so I looked it up. According to a couple of sources online (Clemson University and Southern Living) they are the same. Ours does poke up from the ground. I took that photo a couple of weeks ago so I don’t remember exactly but I might have pushed it down so I could get a close up. The pink has turned white now.


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