Bird Weekly Challenge #33: Birds on a wire or fence

This challenge reminded me of a Great Egret we saw perched on the end of a dock at an RV Park in Cedar Key, Florida more than a few years ago. It ignored me as it kept on preening and I kept snapping away.

After browsing through my archives I came up with few more birds that meet the challenge.

Great Blue Heron, Ft. Pickens National Seashore, Florida
Hawk on Fence in Coastal Georgia
Lark Sparrow – Montana
American White Pelicans and Cormorants – Texas Gulf Coast

Thank you Lisa. for this Bird Weekly Challenge: Birds on a wire or fence

21 thoughts on “Bird Weekly Challenge #33: Birds on a wire or fence

    1. Thank you! How nice of you to say that! I have a neighbor who has published a local bird guide and she is much more knowledgeable about them than I am! I just like to see them and try to get a good photo.


  1. You had me a Pelican. LOL! Fantastic images this week, Beth! Love them all and OMG on the Lark Sparrow! I saw one at Lake Mead in Nevada 5 years ago, but we didn’t see any on our trip to Montana in 2019. I can’t find my photos either on that bird. ๐Ÿ™‚

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