Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is: Scale

During our 2013 RV journey to Alaska we took a day cruise on the M/V Fjordland through the Lynn Canal from Haines, Alaska to Juneau, Alaska.

As we approached the Eldred Rock Lighthouse I took this photo which shows the lighthouse dwarfed by to the mountain.

Eldred Rock Lighthouse in the Lynn Canal in Alaska
Eldred Rock Lighthouse in the Lynn Canal in Alaska

As we got closer we saw a tiny white dot on the top of the tree which turned out to be a Bald Eagle. Now the Bald Eagle is dwarfed by the lighthouse.

Do you see the tiny white dot at the top of the tree?
Do you see the tiny white dot at the top of the tree?

Can you see the Bald Eagle?

Now you can see it's a Bald Eagle
Can you tell it’s a Bald Eagle?

To find out more about our trip through the Lynn Canal click A Day Cruise to Juneau


Day 37: A day cruise to Juneau

Day 37: Friday, June 21, 2013. Aboard the Fjordland from Haines, Alaska to Juneau, Alaska

There have been many WOW moments on this trip but our trip to Juneau has them all beat by far.

At 8:30 am we gathered at the dock with our friends Ted and Ruth Ann to board the Fjordland for an all day cruise to Juneau. The boat has comfortable seats inside the cabin and a nice viewing platform in the rear for wildlife viewing and photography. Our captain was very knowledgeable about the area and he and his daughter kept an eye out for wildlife. He would slow down or stop when there was something interesting to watch.

Our first wildlife came when we saw hundreds of steller sea lions at a rookery along the rocks.

There were so many whales we lost count. Some were too far off to see very much detail but we were fortunate to see some up close.

We passed by glaciers and waterfalls and even a lighthouse on the way to Juneau.

The boat docked a little outside of town so we boarded a bus to take us downtown. We enjoyed lunch at the Red Dog Saloon before doing a little shopping and sightseeing in the capital of Alaska. Next was a stop at the Mendenhall Glacier to see a glacier up close.

After touring the Mendenhall Glacier we boarded the bus for our ride back to the dock. We enjoyed a delicious bowl of seafood chowder with smoked salmon while we rested up from our hard day of sightseeing. Whale sightings continued and our captain took us close by the Eldred Rock Lighthouse we had passed on the way to Juneau. Want to buy it? It’s for sale!

Our trip on the Fjordland was the Fjord Express to Juneau cruise offered by the Alaska Fjordlines. I highly recommend it. It sails from either Haines or Skagway to Juneau.