Lens-Artists #92: Going Back – The Second Time Around

This week the challenge comes from Guest Host John Steiner at Journeys With JohnBo. He asked us “If you visited a favorite place more than once, how did you approach the second trip photographically? If you’ve only been somewhere once, what would you do differently the second time around?”

I fell in love with Rocky Mountain National Park when we first visited there in late May, 2011. We spent several days enjoying the wildlife and natural beauty of the park. Snow in the higher elevations added to the adventure.

One day our goal was to drive the Trail Ridge Road all the way to the top to visit the Alpine Visitor’s Center. The road was clear most of the way with deep snow beside the road. I took the above photo when we arrived at Rainbow Curve, at an elevation of about 11,000 feet. Our drive to the Alpine Visitor’s Center would have to wait.

Deep snow along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park in May, 2011

Two years later, in August, 2013, we decided to return to Rocky Mountain National Park on our way home from Alaska. With only one day to explore the park our goal was to see the Alpine Visitor’s Center. We stopped at the Many Curves Overlook on our way to the Trail Ridge Road. The next two photos were taken two years apart at the same overlook. The first is from spring, 2011, the second one from summer, 2013. There was quite a difference the second time around.

View from Many Curves Overlook on May 28, 2011
View from Many Curves Overlook in Rocky Mountain National Park in August, 2013

The next two photos are from another overlook in the park. The first is from 2011, the second from 2013.

View from one of the overlooks in Rocky Mountain National Park in May, 2011
View from one of the overlooks in Rocky Mountain National Park in August, 2013

Did we make it the Alpine Visitor’s Center the second time around? We sure did and the view from there was spectacular.

View from Alpine Visitor’s Center in August, 2013

Many thanks to Guest Host John Steiner for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Going Back