Day 14: Rainy Day Driving in Montana

Day 14: May 29, 2013. Sheridan, Wyoming to Cardwell, Montana. Cardwell Store and Campground. Site 32. 314 miles traveled.

Today we knew we were truly in the mountains. Henry negotiated steep 6% grades on I-90 in the rain. Off in the distance, between rain showers, we could see the Rocky Mountains. The rain was coming down so hard we couldn’t see them at times. We eventually crossed into the high plains and the Big Sky Country.

We crossed the Little Bighorn River not far from the Little Bighorn National Monument which memorializes the Battle of Little Bighorn where Custer’s Last Stand took place. We also passed a few Lewis and Clark Historical Sites.

The rain finally stopped as we pulled into a small RV park/gas station/store/casino in Cardwell, Montana. We were surrounded by mountains and enjoyed watching magpies and blue birds flying all around. Several rabbits hopped through the campground. We watched a Great Blue Heron flying right over our heads and a Bald Eagle soaring high above the trees.

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