Wandering Around America One State at a Time – Ohio

State 32:

Welcome to the next post in my series highlighting states we have visited throughout the years. I hope you will enjoy coming along for the ride!

I will be featuring the states alphabetically. The next state in my series is


Ohio became the 17th  state on March 1, 1803. The capital is Columbus.

Before our RV days, we made two trips to Ohio to attend family weddings. The first time was to Dayton in 1980. The next time was a St. Patrick’s Day weekend trip to Cleveland. We left home with the sun shining and azaleas blooming. In Cleveland, we were freezing as we gazed at the ice on Lake Erie.

Ice on Lake Erie in Cleveland

Our RV travels have taken us through Ohio a few times. We discovered Sun Valley RV Park in Chilicothe on one of those trips. This peaceful RV park is off the beaten path and a perfect overnight stop for weary travelers. We enjoyed it so much we returned a few years later when our route took us that way again.

Quiet and peaceful campground in Chilicothe
Blondie enjoyed the grassy campsite in Chilicothe
Sunset in Chillicothe

On one trip our journey took us through the Amish country around Mt. Eaton. We discovered Evergreen RV Park, another gem of a park perfect for an overnight stop. I had read reviews of this park which raved about the cleanest and nicest RV park bath house they had ever seen. How could we pass that up? Even better still, there was an indoor pool onsite so after a swim I tried out the bath house and the reviews were right on the money!

We did a little shopping in an Amish store near the RV park. I stocked up on Amish goodies and I was a happy camper!

Beautiful indoor pool at Evergreen RV Park
Evergreen RV Park in Mt. Eaton was surrounded by Amish country
Pasture next to Evergreen RV Park in Mt. Eaton

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Day 6: Crossing the Appalachian Mountains

Day 6: Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Claytor Lake State Park to Chillicothe, 278 Miles traveled.

Our prayers go out to everyone in Moore, Oklahoma.

We woke up and it wasn’t raining! We left our campground a little after 9:00 am.

We traveled through the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia and West Virginia most of the day. We climbed many steep grades and passed through the Big Walker Mountain Tunnel and East River Mountain Tunnel. The mountains are covered in their brilliant green spring leaves.

Traveling through the mountains means slow driving. To make it even slower there was construction all along the route. We had to stop three times to pay toll on the West Virginia Turnpike. The toll is $2 at each toll booth for a car, $2.50 for our truck and trailer.

We arrived at our campground around 3:30. Henry made a run to Walmart to fill the truck with diesel – $3.759 per gallon.

We relaxed outside in the sunny, warm weather before dinner and managed to catch the sunset before settling in for the night.