Wandering Around America One State at a Time – Oklahoma

State 33:

Welcome to the next post in my series highlighting states we have visited throughout the years. I hope you will enjoy coming along for the ride!

I will be featuring the states alphabetically. The next state in my series is


Oklahoma became the 46th  state on November 16, 1907. The capital is Oklahoma City.

On one of our cross country RV trips we wanted to experience something different in Oklahoma. Red Rock Canyon State Park was just the spot. The entrance to the park was a short distance from I-40 but getting to the campsite required going down a fairly steep grade with a couple of switch backs down into the canyon. Our site was peaceful and a great place to unwind for a couple of nights. We hiked on the Rough Horsetail Nature Trail in the park and explored a few shops on nearby historic Route 66.

Red Rock Canyon State Park
Red Rock Canyon State Park
Red Rock Canyon State Park

I loved the dog walk area at this Oklahoma rest area.

Blondie is definitely a country dog!

We love following the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team to away games. In 2009 we traveled to Stillwater, Oklahoma for a game between the Bulldogs and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The game was on the day of the dedication for newly renovated Boone Pickens Stadium.

Boone Pickens Stadium at Oklahoma State University
We ran into a few other Georgia Fans who had made the trek from Georgia
Boone Pickens Stadium at Oklahoma State University

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18 thoughts on “Wandering Around America One State at a Time – Oklahoma

  1. First, let me applaud your skills at finding photos from eight years ago. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do it. 🙂 I’ve been to and through Oklahoma too many times to count. It is one of the few states I’d have no desire to live in because of tornadoes. The poor residents seem to be afflicted by treacherous storms every year. Great photos – love the game shots. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Judy! I keep all my digital pictures in chronological order so the hard part is figuring out WHEN we visited a place. Anything older than about 12 years is either photos or slides. I’m enjoying searching through the old stuff. I’ve come across old family slides I haven’t seen in years!

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        1. I’ve lost about 6 years of digital photos, from 2000-2006 due to a change in where I uploaded my photos and then I erased the first two years of my daughter’s life that I had on a VHS tape…..Oh how sad but then I have a million other images and paper photos….but miss those critical years!

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          1. Debbie, I’m sorry you lost all those photos. I have albums and boxes of pre digital photos with many of them fading. I’m in the process now of going through slides from the 70’s. I keep all my digital images on either my hard drive or external hard drive and have them automatically backed up to an online service.


  2. Great park! Love those red rocks!! Our favorite part of Oklahoma is the Oklahoma City National Memorial. I never seen such a beautiful, well thought out memorial. What an amazing site! If you haven’t visited yet, do put it on your list.

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  3. We just passed thru there. We’ll have to put that state park on our list for a stop next time thru. Years ago we spent a very enjoyable weekend in the Bricktown area of OK City. It’s near the memorial.

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  4. Beth, is this the farthest distance you’ve traveled for a Georgia football game? By the way, being in New England Patriots country now, Malcolm Mitchell, the Dawg who joined a sedate-ladies book group, seems to be a fan favorite up here. Go Dawgs. And Pats.

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    1. It probably is. We made a trip out of it and saw other places along the way. And Malcolm Mitchell is our favorite Patriot. We met him at the Savannah book festival before they drafted him. His is such a great story and he is such an inspiration to so many children. We are Pats fans now!

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