Wandering Around America One State at a Time – Wyoming

State 45:

Welcome to the last post in my series highlighting states we have visited throughout the years. I have only featured 45 of our beautiful United States because our wandering has  never taken us to Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island or Vermont.

I will be featuring the states alphabetically. The next and final state of my series is


Wyoming became the 44th state on July 10, 1890. The Capital is Cheyenne.


Welcome to Wyoming

The Wyoming welcome signs feature the copyrighted symbol of a Bucking Horse and Rider that has been used on Wyoming license plates since 1936. According to legend the Bucking Horse and Rider is based on the early 1900’s horse Steamboat, “the horse that couldn’t be ridden”.

My husband and I are huge fans of the Longmire mysteries by Craig Johnson. I’ve read all of them except his latest The Western Star (I’m on the waiting list at the library). Set in the small fictional town of Durant in Absaroka County somewhere near Sheridan and the Montana border, the stories feature Sheriff Walt Longmire and a wonderful cast of characters. With beautiful descriptions of Wyoming and the Bighorn Mountains, page turning mysteries, and great dialog Johnson’s books are hard to put down. Boy Howdy!

Bighorn mountains in Wyoming
Storm over the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming
Storm over the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park and is one of the most popular national parks in the U. S. The national park covers over 3,000 square miles. We spent several days exploring and as we drove through the park we stopped to explore the geysers, natural formations, hot springs, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and so much more.

Yellowstone is famous for it’s wildlife. Huge bison herds roam freely through the park and often stop traffic. Elk and many other animals are frequently seen.

If you love waterfalls you won’t be disappointed in Yellowstone.

Our time was limited in Grand Teton National Park but we were able to take in the majesty of the spectacular landscape.

On one of our trips we left the Black Hills of South Dakota and traveled into Wyoming to see the Devils Tower. As we drove along we could see the tower jutting up from the prairie. Our campsite at Devils Tower KOA had a great view of the tower.

As we took a hike around the base of the tower images from the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” popped into my head. There were climbers on the tower and some had made it all the way to the top.

We enjoyed our stay at Peter D’s RV Park in Sheridan on our way to Alaska in 2013 so much that we stopped there again on our return trip. With a view of the Bighorn mountains, a historic town to explore, and dinner at the Wyoming Rib and Chop House it was a worth a return visit.

On our return trip from Alaska, we drove south from Sheridan through the high plains where we saw ranches, several herds of pronghorn antelope, and prairie dogs beside the road. We spent a night in Casper, Wyoming at Ft. Caspar RV Park where we visited Fort Caspar on the North Platte River.


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18 thoughts on “Wandering Around America One State at a Time – Wyoming

  1. Beautiful pictures! We took our kids to see the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in 2009, although our time was limited, so we didn’t get to Devil’s Tower. I want to go West again!

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  2. What a way to close out your series – Wyoming. Gorgeous photos. I’ve actually been there, seen some of the sights, and love Longmire. 🙂 I’ve read every book and watched the series. I’m looking forward to the last season but sorry to see it go. It is truly one of the few quality adult shows out there, and both my husband and I enjoy it. Now, the big question – how is that you have missed visiting five states? It can’t be possible. You need to get back on the road and finish this up. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Judy. Just saw a trailer for the last season of the series. It starts in November. We have driven through Delaware on the Delmarva peninsula but never stopped to explore. And we drove through a corner of Vermont. We are really only missing three states 😃

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  3. Great state! And great blogs too. They’ll be good ones to re-read when we are heading somewhere and trying to decide what is a must see. Thx!!

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  4. I also thoroughly enjoyed your states series. Wyoming is one of my favorite states. The Devil’s Tower was a highlight of our RV trip and we also love quirky little Dubois. Are you planning any trips for this fall?

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    1. Brenda, so glad you enjoyed the series. I didn’t realize how much time we spent in Wyoming until I started working on this post. We are currently in Athens for the UGA-Mizzou game and then going to the Georgia mountains for a few days. Our RV trips are getting shorter and closer to home.

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  5. What a beautiful state! You have such great pics and memories. I was born in Cheyenne, actually on the base. My dad was transferred when I was two. I have been yearning to return to my roots. It’s on my bucket list!

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